Green Design, Construction & Development

Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook includes guidance information on Green Design, Construction and Development. This section of the book provides users with a high level understanding of what the concept of Green Building is, and how this flows through both the design and construction process of a project.

The information includes a list of potential green materials, products and systems such as; rain water harvesting, automation, control and operation, solar and heat pump water heaters, solar protection of glazed facades, external shading, PV systems and natural ventilation.

The Handbook provides invaluable cost data on each of these systems that enables users to accurately estimate the cost of the various systems and products and therefore find the right balance of Environmentally Sustainable Design at an affordable cost to the project.

The various forms of sustainability assessment tool and organisations are summarised including:



Green Star

Well Building Stand

Carob Neutral


This information provides users with a high level understanding of each of these assessment tools and therefore enables them to identify which tool or system they may utilise to achieve a desired system rating.

Rawlinsons are passionate about the environment as a whole but also, very focused on the relationship between the environment and the construction industry. For too long the two have been seen as opposing ideologies.

Rawlinsons are delighted to see that many of our clients are embracing the challenge of balancing the development in technology and construction with the impacts any such works will have on the environment. Our 2024 edition and onwards will continue to build on our existing green design section, encouraging and working with the construction industry to incorporate ESD into all future Australian construction projects.